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Species I keep (as of 6/25/2018):
Species I keep (as of 6/25/2018):
*Brachymyrmex patagonicus  
*<span style="font-size:large;">Brachymyrmex patagonicus</span>
*Camponotus sansabeanus  
*<span style="font-size:large;">Camponotus sansabeanus</span>
*Camponotus vicinus  
*<span style="font-size:large;">Camponotus vicinus</span>
*Camponotus maritime
*<span style="font-size:large;">Camponotus maritimus</span>
*Camponotus quercicola  
*<span style="font-size:large;">Camponotus quercicola</span>
*Camponotus clarithorax  
*<span style="font-size:large;">Camponotus clarithorax</span>
*Formica francoeuri  
*<span style="font-size:large;">Formica francoeuri</span>
*Liometopum occidentale  
*<span style="font-size:large;">Liometopum occidentale</span>
*Solenopsis molesta  
*<span style="font-size:large;">Pheidole vistana</span>
*Solenopsis xyloni
*<span style="font-size:large;">Solenopsis molesta</span>
*<span style="font-size:large;">Solenopsis xyloni</span>

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Species I keep (as of 6/25/2018):

  • Brachymyrmex patagonicus
  • Camponotus sansabeanus
  • Camponotus vicinus
  • Camponotus maritimus
  • Camponotus quercicola
  • Camponotus clarithorax
  • Formica francoeuri
  • Liometopum occidentale
  • Pheidole vistana
  • Solenopsis molesta
  • Solenopsis xyloni